Bugymania 2.0

Speaker 1

Microsoft Technical Community had organized an online technical event called Bugymania 2.0. It gave an opportunity to the participants to showcase their technical knowledge in any one of the four programming languages, namely- C, C++, Java and Python. Entry fees for the non-MTC members was 30 INR and free for the MTC members. It also included winning prizes of a keyboard and a mouse for outstanding performers amongst them. At the mega event, as many as 70 students participated from various branches.

About Event:

  • Bugymania 2.0 Round 1 was conducted online on 1st March and it offered MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS with a solitary right answer. The participants were allowed to choose any one of the 4 dialects i.e. C, C++, Java and Python. There were around 30 MCQ'S for any dialect they chose. Backtracking was strictly prohibited. The online portal was allowed to stay active only for a period of 30 minutes in the time duration of 11:00 am to 11:30 am. We received 31 qualifications amongst 70 participants for the upcoming round.
  • Bugymania 2.0 Round 2 was conducted in an offline mode. It was held on 4th March in 10th Block, Room no. 10105 at 3:30 pm in the UPES, Bidholi campus. The qualifiers were divided into a group of three members. Each group was given unique four codes to crack. Two groups amongst them had met all requirements for the final round.
  • The final round was a performance-based round for the 6 finalists. The members were given a situation in which they had to create codes to elucidate the arrangement. Out of all those six contenders, we had two champions of the event. The primary position was earned by Anvesh Kumar Raj and the secondary position was earned by Arkaprava Trip

This had been an awesome open door given by MTC to the understudies of UPES. As through this occasion, they were given extraordinary opportunities to enhance upon their abilities and have an aggressive coding knowledge. Knowledge has an incredible power of shaping our identities and our actions. It is the moment when we discover that we are not just one fixed personality, but a series of people who wake up according to the challenge we are facing. Therefore, keep on buckle down and attempt to take part in progressively such beneficial occasions to build up a new adventure.