Speaker 1

Microsoft Technical Community had organized a training program under the name C++ PAATHSHAALA. It was a two hour session from 3:30pm-5:30pm that was conducted on every Wednesday. The agenda of the sessions was to focus on the basics of C++ programming language. It gave an opportunity to the students to add on some skills in programming which will also be beneficial for their careers. The best part was that these sessions were open for all the students from all the branches. The registration fees for Non MTC members was 30 INR and free of cost for MTC members. The strength of the participants was around 25 and this successful session was headed by Raghav Kapoor and Tanish Pandey.

About the event :

  • The first session was on acknowledging the students regarding the basics of C++ programming language and then on further Wednesday’s it covered topics on decision control and looping statements, functions, arrays, strings, constructors and deconstructors, inheritance and polymorphism. Students were also given few questions as assignments on every session and were asked to get it done by their next session. The doubts regarding the assignment was cleared on the same day

  • It was our immense pleasure to hear that the participants asked us to encourage more sessions like this. A Certificate Of Participation was provided to those who attended the session. The event was well organized and systematic, attending the queries of the participants was the first priority. The valuable talks of our former President Mr. Manik Garg were loved and appreciated by all. People were eager to attend more such sessions from him and were highly satisfied with the knowledge delivered by him. In all, it was a great success and we look forward to add more stars to our Microsoft Technical Community